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Between Imbolc and Beltane is a time to stop flying around on those
brooms and start putting them to cleaning.

Silver Moon Health Services will hold its annual cleaning on March 8th
(6-8pm) , March 10th(12-6pm) and March 11th(10am-4pm).  Each year we
clean and prep the healers tent for the new year of festivals.  Your
help in cleaning, repairing, and inventorying the healers tent helps
provide a facility for our all volunteer medical staff to serve the
needs of our community during festivals.

Please consider volunteering just 2 hours (or more if you can) of you
time during our working sessions over the cleaning weekend.  We will
have the usual bribes of food and drink. And of course you get to go
home knowing you have helped your community. The annual clean-up will
occur at Caer Aisling and car pools can be arranged.

If you are interested in helping please e-mail me at korith@livejournal.com
So tell your friends - tell you enemies - cross post to every list that cares!
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Keep walking, though there's no place to get to.
Don't try to see through the distances.
That's not for human beings.
Move within, but don't move the way fear makes you move.
Walk to the well.
Turn as the Earth and the Moon turn,
circling what they love.
Whatever circles comes form the center.


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What if there was a cure for cancer and nobody bothered to make any.



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[Update] Tickets are available again - any takers

I have two free tickets for Hungarian State Folk Ensemble
First comment gets them.

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Blessed Samhain Everyone!

May this turning of the wheel give you the opportunity to look within and find that which has sustained you for the last year.  May you see your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses and see the path a head that serves you best for the year to come.

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Johann Sebastian Bach - Allegro Assai
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Yesterday a friend of mine (ThePotter) came an used my kiln.  When he asked a few days ago - I got completely excited by the idea.  The background is this.  When I first moved into Caer Aisling I really wanted to create a space where art and science and the magical crafts came together.  Part of that was that TheQueen(Shara) saw a kiln for sale - and I jumped at it.  I fired it up a few times for some odd projects and then it has sat un-used for 4 years.  So when an opportunity to have it used came up I was incredibly happy!  ThePotter came over Wednesday night and we tried it out.  We created space around the kiln and got it plugged in.  All looked to be good.  Then yesterday he came over and loaded the kiln and fired it away.  The only snag was that the electrical service into the shop seems to be 5 amps too low so once the kiln was on full blast it would throw the breaker.  ThePotter was patient and just gently ramped the temp up and it worked like a charm (if only a little slowly). 

What struck me about all of this was that I was overjoyed at seeing the kiln in operation and my workshop being used.  It truly filled my soul.  It also has given me a kick (one that hurt just a little) to get back to my artistic endeavors.  I still have a set of pagan toy blocks to make for TheGoddessChild.  And a shot glass display case for TheLover.  And I want to try some double glazing techniques that I have been considering for two years.  I guess I am just feeing very thankful for my opportunity to help ThePotter and for him to give me back a gift in return.

And if you would like to see ThePotter's work you should check out The Weems ArtFest.  He won a blue ribbon last year!
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Dead Can Dance - Garden Of The Arcane Delights: Flowers Of The Sea
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catcheshiseye  (sometimes known as TheLover) completed his first marathon yesterday!  Please give him a big round of applause!
And if you see him be nice he still is hurty.
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Oy. What a weekend!

Some dear friends came in from out of town and mayhem ensued.  The high lite of the weekend was an impromptu drum jam which ended in an impromptu hot tubbing, and the closing statement of the evening at 3am was.  "I think it is safe to assume we are not going to Mass Ascension this morning".

I was reminded how much I love ecstatic trance dance and what letting go and letting flow does for my mood, and I have noted all the drum jams that yarrowkat has mentioned as of late so I can make it for a recharge though the winter.

I wrote the trance high all though Sunday - even with a large lack of sleep.  Finishing up the weekend with a nice little party at Joy's for the Pagan Pride Day volunteers.

some whining ensuesCollapse )

In the end - I been reminded of the things that make me enjoy life and I will continue to enjoy them.
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Well the first batch of mead is now on it's way to drinkability.

Last night TheHousemate and I started our first batch of mead.  We were blessed by the presence and guidance of Bill who has been making mead for longer than I could leaglly drink the stuff.
As of this morning there are bubbles on the surface of the mead and I think the air-lock bubbled a few times while I was getting read for work.

We did have one casualty of the night - I let a carboy slip and hit the ground (outside thank the goddess).  Only took 10 minutes to clean up the glass and start again.  Lesson learned is wet carboys are very very very slippery.

TheHousemate came up with a name before I could so this mead will be called T&C's LS (and that is all I am going to say on that subject).

Other lessons learned - stir the must well before taking a hydrometer reading - we spent about 30 minutes wondering how we could have gotten a reading of 18% potential alcohol before catching that one.  Also honey water is very sticky.

Now the act of patience begins.
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